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the #1 selling Paramotor in America!

PoweredParaglider1 is proud to offer the highest quality paramotor & paraglider package on the market today, the Black Hawk Paramotor has superb craftsmanship and beautiful cosmetics combined with the perfect design for ease of launch, great weight shift,portabilty and extreme comfort! It is very rare in this world to be able to buy the Mercedes Benz quality at the Toyota price, but that is exactly the case with this very complete Black Hawk flying package we are offering today!

powered paragliding package.

Powered Paragliding Package Deals

Powered Paraglider 1 has been the premier paramotor company for many years due to its incredible package deals. We are improving that tradition by offering 8 packages to fit any pilot of any ability! These packages include top of the line parts, manufactured to the highest standards and assembled in our shop where quality control inspects every unit before shipping.

Included in every package:
  • BlackHawk Paramotor
    • Two year warranty
    • Propeller
    • Harness
  • ParaToys II paraglider
    • Glider carry sack
  • Flight jacket
  • Wind sock
  • Prop covers
  • Tool kit
  • Glider/line repair kit
  • Assembly DVD
  • Risk and reward DVD
  • Paramotor Bible
  • Engine Manual
  • Fuel mixer
included in the paramotor package
Choose your Paramotor With or Without Wheels:
Motor Choices Foot Launch Package LowBoy II Quad Package
BlackHawk MZ100 Paramotor $6295 $8190
BlackHawk 120 Paramotor $6695 $8590
BlackHawk 185 Paramotor $6795 $8690
BlackHawk MZ313 Paramotor $7195 $9090
Optional Upgrades
Rhino Cage, Rhino Cage XLT, ParaToys Momentum or Dudek Paraglider. Carbon Fiber Prop, Reserve Chute.
For Quads: Double Gas Tank Kit, Reserve Chute Mount, Billet Hang Points, A-assists

BlackHawk paramotors come standard with the BlackHawk Travel Cage but can be upgraded to the Rhino or Rhino XLT cage. For quad applications we recommend the Rhino or Rhino XLT.

optional upgrages for the paramotor package

Buy One Today and start flying!
click images below for more info on our line of paramotors

BlackHawk MZ100 BlackHawk HE120 BlackHawk
Talon 175
BlackHawk MZ313
More Info
Coming Soon


Learn To fly faster & easier in a few days
and much SAFER with a Black Hawk "Low Boy QUAD"
Click Here To Learn More!


Low boy Quad or foot launching, - which should I do first?

Check out the new Low-Boy Tandem: Click here to see specs and learn more about this amazing machine! Can be used single place $1595.00 or tandem $2495.00

Low-Boy Quad Tandem
The new 313cc Black Hawk super light weight engine
Click on the image below for more information
on the exciting new Blackhawk Paramotor.
back pack ultralite
Limited time introductory offer
Everything you need to fly for only- $5995.00

Click to find out more about the Black Hawk


Black Hawk Testimonial

Gidday Bob,

Two things...

Firstly - just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my BlackHawk paramotor and Paratoys wing.
I've logged around 20 hours now, which is long enough to discover a few things about this rig:

1) The ergonomics of the unit are spot on - it was a breeze to set-up and adjust, and the comfort (both in the air and on the ground) is superb.

2) Set-up, breakdown, storage and transport are as quick and easy as you advertise.

3) Tuning, maintenance and inspection is simple and straightforward, which keeps the fun in flying. I've seen other guys who just want to ditch their paramotors in the ocean because owning them is a real hassle and flying becomes a chore.

4) The Paratoys wing is a perfect choice for someone new to this sport. The wing handles great on the ground and makes me look a lot more proficient than I really am! In 40+ launches, I've never put it back down on the ground after initial inflation. In the air, it's predictable and trustworthy which makes the whole flying experience a joy.

I love this sport and couldn't be happier with my BlackHawk package - thankyou!

Produced by Phil Russman
The first two videos were produced by Phil Russman Productions.
DVD $34.95 + shipping
Order Now!

Just listen to the reviews had these people actually seen it:

Siegfried and Roy- It was magical!
Martin and Lewis- funnier then anything we ever did!
Eddie Murphy- Where are all the black pilots?
Arnold Swartznegger- This sport is not for sissies.
James Cameron -I knew I should have hired that Phil Russman
Rodgers and Ebert- The sexual tension in this movie is almost over the top!
George Bush- I cried, I laugh, for just a moment all was well in the world.
Gloria Steinman- This sport and film is a fine example of what is wrong with this world, woman carrying the paramotors, and men drinking beer!
Chevy Chase- This movie was my last chance at a career, I knew I should have answered that email from Phil.

Paratoys "the movie"
With every sport there eventually comes a film that defines it's shear essence, that shows the passion that only people within that sport can appreciate, For surfing it was the Endless summer and for motorcross it was "
On Any Sunday" and now for Powered Paragliding it is "PARATOYS the movie".

This movie shows the many reasons that we fell in love with this sport and are willing to travel from as far away as China to just fly with a few other pilots. Whether you are a PPG pilot now, or are just lurking in the shadows dreaming, this film will intrigue you, make you laugh and convince you that Powered Paragliding is truly the sport of the gods.

See the trailer >>>

The Black Hawk Quad

Black Hawk Quad Attachment

The Black Hawk Quad is super

stable, easy launching quad, front wheels turn in unison, wide base,high ground clearance, excellent suspension with carbon firber flexable axles and baloon tires, complete quad breaks down into 6 seperate pieces for a small package for transport, all Black hawk models can be installed on this quad in less then 1 minute the with quick release installation blocks, go from quading to foot launch fast.

Buy Now - $1595.00

Click to Purchase
Trike with no stablizer kit

get your paraglider training with Bob Armond at ParaToys


Paramotoring is enjoying a surge of popularity in America, and for good reason - it's an aircraft that literally fits into the trunk of your car! In less than 15 minutes, a pilot can set up for a remarkable new form of flight. Click HERE to buy Paratoys "the movie". Combine the simple elegance of a modern paraglider with one of the backpack paramotor units and you have theability to fly when you want and where you want. Paragliding is an exciting outdoor recreation sport for the adventurer.

The Power Pack
The motor that powers us to dizzying heights is nothing short of remarkable. These lightweight engines have an incredible power to weight ratio, start easily and are fitted onto a backpack that you can easily walk around with. With one of these motor units, the propeller gives you thrust, allowing you to launch, climb, fly level or glide down through the air on a paraglider at your own will. These motors are some of the most powerful, yet low maintenance aircraft engines you will find anywhere. They are rugged, reliable and extremely easy to use.

Today's paragliders are really amazing flying machines! In about five minutes, a trained pilot can set a paraglider out onto a launch site and step into flight that can last for hours, even without power. Add the motor, and now we can fly just about any time of day!

The first step in becoming a good PPG (Powered Paraglider) pilot is learning how to control the paraglider wing. Mastery of this is paramount to our success as a pilot, since we are flying an aircraft, after all!

Kiting the wing overhead allows you to clear the lines before takeoff, and the better you are at controlling the wing on the ground, the better your understanding of flying the paraglider.

Call Bob Armond Now @ 805-231-1011


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